Wednesday, April 6, 2011

True Friendship

Once there was a baby elephant whose name was Ellora. She lived with her master who was very cruel. When the elephant was tired and would go to sleep, the cruel master would give her whip lashes. The little elephant was tired and irritated of her master and thought of a good plan to escape. The master was a lazy man who used to get up very late in the morning. Early next morning Ellora got up and went to meet her best friend, the neighbours’ horse Cinders. Her master too was very lazy and slept for a long time. Cinders had a carriage attached on her tail . Ellora told her “Hey, Cinders you know right, my master is very cruel to me, so I have a plan to escape.” Cinders said, “I too want to escape from here.” Ellora said, “You have carriage attached on your tail and can run fast. I shall sit in your carriage and you run to the forest. This way we can escape.” The horse agreed. Ellora sat in the carriage and Cinders ran to the forest. Thus the two friends escaped. Their masters had got their punishment. Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed. A clever mind is rather better than a sword in most cases.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Forest Murders

They walked through the dense forest to reach their destination, the Himalayan mountains. One of them felt thirsty and so went to a nearby stream. The others too came with
him to the stream. Just as his hand went into the stream, he was dragged into it. The others tried to pull him out, but they couldn't. They left the place and sat in tree house for a while, sobbing for their friend's disappearance. Suddenly, that treehouse caught fire. They ran to save their lives, but one's leg got stuck in a hole and she couldn't come out and so died in the fire.
They were really very sad as their second companion died. As they walked on, huge trees began to fall on them. They all ran, but one died there crushed by the trees. Now they thought that someone was attacking their group and preventing them from living. In many such accidents, their team members either died or disappeared. There were only three left after these accidents.
The three were walking quite carefully. Suddenly, one was dragged by an anaconda an another by a python. The only one remaining was a girl who was 'Left Alone'. She escaped many of the things that tried to kill her. She turned back home and escaped the forest murders
that had killed her group.